Being Energy Efficient is Key

Reducing your monthly energy bills is only 1 of the many reasons being energy efficient should be a concern for any property owner. 

Whatever your goals are, saving on time, or being completely net zero, being energy efficient is a necessity in today’s energy dependent world. 

We offer multiple solutions to make your property Energy Efficient

Energy Audit


 Being energy effcient can seem like a big task to handle. Lighting of Tomorrow wants to make this smart process as easy as possible.

The first step in being energy efficient is understanding your current energy usage, and seeing where you can start improving.

This service is one L.o.T. is proud to do FREE of charge!

We want to ensure that everyone has access to be energy efficient and gain your energy savings.

Solar Energy

Solar Technology has never been more attractive. With the overall return on investment being 3 to 7 years, and many other state and national incentives the time to go Solar is now. You can simply reduce the amount of electricity you pay for, or completely eliminate your electrify bill.

L.o.T. has partnered with Solar of Tomorrow, to give you your perfect solar solution. Whatever your goal is, you’ll see solar savings instantly.

Air Conditioning & Insulation

We conduct an in-depth HVAC audit is a component-by-component, system-by-system. This entire evaluation of all HVAC equipment allows thing to work properly and efficiently.

Here are only 2 reasons why a HVAC audit is a necessity for any property.

To maximize energy effiency and minimize loss.

To maximize and protect the health and productivity of the building’s occupants. 

LED Lighting

Lighting of Tomorrow specializes in proving energy efficient solutions with LED technology.

We provide a complete lighting service.

An initial lighting inspection, installation, and maintenance.


Getting started saving energy can be a quick phone call away.

Our experts can give you a FREE intial inspection and show you how you can save energy and money. 




Make sure to check out some of Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Products

Our Top Tier LED fixtures and bulbs can make sure you have the best most efficenty lighting system possible.