The L.o.T. Difference

We focus on your property, rather than your project. Meaning our expertise ensures that your lighting improves your property.

We specialize in the lighting industry due to L.o.T.s wide range of project tools. We use cutting edge technology and methods to provide your property the best lighting system you want with top notch quality.

Expert Photometric Reports

Our Lighting Sepcialists can provide you with photometric reports to ensure you that your lighting system is the most efficient it can be.

Photmoetric reports ensure your lighting system is providing adequate light for your property. A photmetric report.

More efficintely placed lights can reduce the amount of lights needed but still improve light distribution.

We can conduct a full lighting system inspection & provide photometric reports to help you improve your lighting!

Licensed Master Electricians

Our Licensed and Certified Electricians will ensure your installation is completed, worry free.

Our Electricians follow the National Eletrical Code and have aquired experience for this licensing. 

Our team of experts will be ready on call for your project. All our electrictians are experienced and trained to ensure the highest quality work. 


L.o.T. takes care of every step of your project, including excellent personel.

Ariel Drone Footage

L.o.T. provides our customers the best in advanced technology. By incorporating drone technology we provide our clients the most complete view of their property.  

Benefits of Drone Footage include:

  • More reliable and accurate inspections in a fraction of the time.
  • Ability to examine elevations, angels, and viewpoints too difficult to see before. 
  • Ability to see the difference an efficient lighting design can have in visbility.
Incentive Research

L.o.T. wants our clients to save as much money as possible. When making a retrofitting decision you need to include any incentives that can make your project more affordable. Don't leave money on the table, find out how to manage your projects from benchmarking to project savings anaylysis.

Take advantage of incentives to:

Identify opportunities for money saving projects.

Track savings and get reports.

Break down costs and prioritize your projects.

Top Tier Products

Our carefully selected products carry many certifications.

From over hundreds of UL listed LED products for indoor and outdoor fixtures, to 5 year warranties from select manufactures.

And all of L.o.T. purchased products carry a 1 year service warrenty.

Quality products with a Quality Service.

Retrofit Kits

Any existing fixture can be retrofited to incoproate LED technology. No need for new fixtures or any redesigning. 

No matter wattage, size, or lumens; our team can find the perfect retrofit kit for your property. Enjoy enery savings with your existing property fixtures. 


LED technology is accesbile to anyone with existing fixtures, or people who want entirely new fixtures. An initail inspection with a project manager can help decide what option is best for you.

LED Commercial Retrofit
LED Commercial Retrofit
LED G24 Light bulb
LED G24 Light bulb
LED Corn Lights
LED Corn Lights
ESCO Services

L.o.T. can help you save energy and money.

We can conduct a full energy audit & provide energy usage recommendations to help you save!

And when you partner with an ESCO company you can use an ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contract) to use the savings of tomorrow to pay for your properties upgrades today.

No need for a capital investment , and your property can enjoy the energy savings.
Doing good for both the planet and your bottom-line.

For more information:

Lighting Design

Our lighting experts can make sure your lighting is working for you.

A good lighting design can increase visiblity, increase workplace productivity, better showcase a product, and so much more.

We provide both eletrical and engineering designs for lighting projects.

With us you can get your project completed with one point of contact from start to finish.

Get the most out of your lighting today!